Thursday, March 02, 2006

Welcome to the Inner Lotus Yoga blog with Jennifer

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to create a forum for us to share information and experiences to further inspire our yoga practice together. One aspect of practicing with a group is the support you receive from fellow practioners as well as the instructor. Sometimes it's difficult to always address one student's concerns, special needs and questions. So don't hold back! Please feel free to send in anything you'd like to ponder.

For instance, some ideas might be:
• Postures you would like to tackle, are struggling with or would just plain love to have a class built around to explore.
• Aspects of the philosophy you would like to know about or have integrated into a class.
• Words in Sanskrit you would like to know the meaning to and more...

Here's to some experimentation, please share your thoughts as often as you'd like. Also if you're looking for information on my class schedule and more, please check out the website: for updates. Most importantly, thank you for coming to class, sharing your Self and inspiring me to do all of this!


Here is a photo from Debbie taken in class:

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maryann said...

Yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. Because stress is the number one disorder that leads to disease, I there should be yoga meditation poses designed for cancer patients who need to releave stress. Also if you could incorporate a detox cleanse to go with the exercises. I think that would be great.